Need for Speed

Need for Speed


Even before the invention of roads, man has always looked for ways to move from one point to another. It was understood that fast movement of goods and services from point A to point B was key in the success of any venture. It is why for centuries man has been looking for ways to shorten the time taken to cover distances.

As far back as the 1600’s, inventors have been working on the internal combustion engines. All these inventors had one thing in common to try and shorten the effort put in running a mode of transport thus increasing the speed of these machines and conserving time taken in moving around.

Well we are no longer in the age of steam and coal engines, modern day cars come with state of the line engines that can make a car go up to speeds of 270mph as has been recorded by V8 engines. However, given how big V8 engines are, automobile makers around the world have decided to push the limits by coming up with smaller engines that will leave the consumer enjoying almost the same horse power and speed the big engines produce but with the convenience of your regular SUV. This is the magic- well not magic, but Science – of the V6 engine.

Hyundai cars can stand tall and boast with the knowledge that they feature this version of an engine in them. Providing Quality, Performance and Speed without compromising on Style.

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